buy Bromazolam 4mg online


buy Bromazolam 4mg online

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buy Bromazolam 4mg online

What is Bromazolam?

buy Bromazolam 4mg online

Bromazolam is a synthetic benzodiazepine drug which was first synthesised in the 1970s but was never marketed as a pharmaceutical product.  It was first detected in the international drug market in 2016 with levels of detection increasing since 2022. It is most similar to Xanax in effect with hypnotic and anxiolytic properties.

What do we need to know?

The effects of Bromazolam will be similar to many benzodiazepine type drugs which you can read about in depth benzodiazepine booklet.

Unregulated labs make Benzo pills into the illicit market . Generally, doctors don’t prescribe them but they are regularly in the market. Many of them may imitate genuine prescription pills and come with packaging that looks real.

Examples are Valium or Xanax and could contain some varieties of new benzo-type drugs. These drugs are normally ones which are not available as medicines and ones we know little about in terms of risk, dosage and the effects of long term use.

Benzo vendors in Scotland  sell bromazolam as a benzo tablet. However, law enforcement have tested it in the last 6 months. People taking street benzos should be aware that the contents of tablets can vary, even within the same batch.

Also, these newer drugs are more potent and that it is possible to overdose from much smaller amounts. They may also take longer for the effects to come on and might feel different to other benzos that are available.

Other products in the benzodiazepine family are pyrazolam and Etizolam.

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