Fruit Punch Herbal Incense 4G


Lab certified:

Does not contain AM-2201, JWHI8, JWH73, HU210, CP47, 497, HU-210, HU-211, and AM – 694



Fruit Punch Herbal Incense 4G


Buy Fruit Punch Herbal Incense 4g is the product that comes with high-quality herbs that can make you feel the joy of fragrance and is guaranteed to leave a strong impact. This product contains incredible micro amounts of natural fruit juice that make it perfect for use. If what you are looking for is a herbal incense product, this is something just right for you.

All our products are lab tested and are manufactured with care. Since everything we sell is lab certified, you can be assured of one thing – All the products are best and healthy. This product is nicotine and tobacco-free, which makes it even better for use.

This aromatic potpourri product is amazing when it comes to picking the fragrance that is inspired by fruits. This is an ultra-strong liquid herbal incense that is very popular among people looking for fruity fragrances.

A Fruit Punch Incense 4G | A Perfect Fragrance For Your Excitement Buds
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