White Tiger Incense


White Tiger Incense is rich and deep. That is the reason why we include White Tiger Incense into the category of some of the finest and potent blends of Incenses we feature here, as the XT (eXTremely powerful). White Tiger Incense is fully equipped to deliver a magnificent punch that boosts excitement, energy and vitality to a completely new level when ever and where ever you want!


White Tiger Incense 10g

Intense, rare, and powerful, White Tiger Incense 10g lives up to its name. This is aromatherapy at its best. As soon as you light your dish of it you can feel the difference. You will be carried away to the exotic places in your mind where all the stress of the day just fades away. Your body and mind will be flooded with the warm sensations created by the heady aroma released when you burn this exotic potpourri.

Let you go and take in all the sights sounds and smells that will be conjured up from burning White Tiger Incense. This incense is not for the faint of heart. Experienced aromatherapists like the way it comes on strong and keeps ongoing. Folks new to aromatherapy and meditation love the feeling of total immersion they experience when they light their first bowl. Whether you have practiced aromatherapy or not, one thing is certain, White Tiger Incense is the real deal. If you want to experience these phenomena for yourself, you better order some today.


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